April 20, 2009

Hey Yoo

I’m sure many of you are more qualified to explain the connection to “Watchmen.” For my part, I’m interested in how the Oakland/Berkeley community is making a “marquee statement” about Mr. Yoo’s moral authority to teach law. (The Grand Lake is truly a grand, if aging theatre in Oakland, by the way.)

Is it possible Obama took the step of ruling out prosecuting Bush Administration officials just to insulate himself from the groundswell he and Holder initiated in opening up of the paper trail? Either way, the image reflects what I hope is the opening run in a dramatically re-emergent scandal — the reference to “murder” emphasizing how the Bush Administration violently and inexcusably abused the law.

(update 9:49 am: As reader Agi comments below, Mr. Yoo is on leave from Berkeley and teaching at Chapman University in Orange County.)

(update 2 8:23 pm: Revised previous update. Per my clearly better informed readers, Mr. Yoo was not arrest in Italy.)

(This photo comes from a Berkeley blog not suprisingly titled: Fire John Yoo.)

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