April 1, 2009

There’s Rage And Then There’s Rage

Seems like quite a contrast in rage over the banking meltdown, I’d say, between the two side of the pond.

For our part, we have the Newsweek cover of two weeks ago sporting a photo (from the Depression-era, I’m assuming) of people carrying pitchforks. Contradicting any seriousness left at all, however, is the cute reference to Facebook by tagging the names of the columnists weighing in on the subject to various club and torch carriers.

And then, on the Euro-end of things…

…we have this image from today, of protesters throwing the computer terminal, that most symbolic of implements, through the window of the (failed and unoccupied) Bank of Scotland near the Bank of England in the London financial district — their equivalent of Wall Street.

Dirty socialists.

And then, did you catch the opinion piece in the NYT WIR last Sunday: Feeling Too Down To Rise Up? Columbia professor Sudhir Venhatesh tried to tackle the question of why no riots have broken out in front of the Treasury Department or AIG headquarters. He’s got a smorgasbord of reasons, but he attributes a good share of the blame to the breakdown of social bonds caused by the internet and the “self-involved” blogosphere.

(image: Carl De Souza/AFP/Getty Images. London. April 1, 2009)

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