May 8, 2009

Air Force One Photo Released (Such As It Was)

So, what’s to make of the smoggier, dingier image published by Gawker of the condemnable Air Force One NYC fly over?

I ask the question because most people will probably end up thinking the “real photo,” released by the White House today, is the brighter, whiter version with that much less of New Jersey (the latter from the A.P. by way of the NYT.)

Maybe it sounds like I’m nit-picking, but for the $328,835 photo op, I’m sorta interested in seeing just exactly what we got for our money.

Buzzing Manhattan (9/27/09 – BNN)

(photo: Master Sgt. Andrew N. Dunaway. Air Force combat camera squadron, Charleston Air Force Base, South Carolina. version 1: White House via Gawker. version 2: White House via A.P. via NYT)

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