May 4, 2009

Condi … Beyond The 4th Grade

Do you remember how Bush — known for stumbling and stuttering for eight years — was all-of-a-sudden so lucid (and furious) in his final press conference? Dropping your guard will do that.

So, what is the media doing amusing itself over a 4th-grader asking Condi Rice a waterboarding question when Stanford students had the practically historic confrontation with her at a dorm reception three days earlier? Watch the video taken at Stanford with an eye on Rice’s body language. Whereas the Secretary of State, too, was always bumbling over herself to find the right “diplomatic” words, here — with her guard down — she is suddenly perfectly articulate, if also impressively contemptuousness (in this environment of otherwise higher learning).

The student behind her most likely can’t see it, but I’d say his expression certainly registers the fist.

(screen shots from video by reynagarcia621/You Tube)

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