May 14, 2009

Lara Logan And The Predator

“What if you get it wrong?” Logan asked.

“We don’t,” Gough replied.

“Ever?” Logan asked.

“That’s a tough question,” Gough said after a pause. “Yeah. We have the resources to make sure we’re right. In battle, in combat, in the fog and friction of war, there are always gonna be times that your judgment isn’t with hindsight, you can see things with more clarity.”

“But you’re not there in the fog and friction of war. You’re sitting here in your cockpit in Nevada,” Logan remarked.

“And that’s what makes us more powerful and have that clarity, because I’m able to distance myself from the fight and use resources that are otherwise unattainable to the combatants,” Gough replied.

What better way for 60 Minutes to shill for the military — in this exclusive, suddenly-declassified look at the all-too-surreal Predator technology (the week after we blew away almost a hundred Afghan children) — than to soften the reality of hell-from-the-sky by focusing on the lovely Lara Logan from 10,000 feet?

At the same time, however, you could also read these images as the media being used by military PR for target practice.

… If you watch the report, by the way, just remember not to draw any analogies between “doing bad things to bad people” from 7000 miles away and playing video games.

America’s New Air Force (video/60 Minutes)

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