May 27, 2009

Talk About the Inhumane Behavior of the Military Serving a Radicalizing Function

In this 2007 photograph provided by Dan Choi, 1st Lt. Choi, in the Army's 10th Mountain Division, stands atop a Humvee in south Baghdad with an Iraqi sheikh. Choi, a 2003 graduate of the U.S. Military Academy, came out as gay in March 2009 and is a founding member of Knights Out, a newly formed association of gay and lesbian West Point alumni. (AP Photo/Courtesy of Dan Choi) ** NO SALES **

Call it cause and effect.

In this photo, taken in 2007 south of Baghdad, we see 1st Lt. Dan Choi of the Army’s 10th Mountain Division on top of a Humvee with an Iraqi sheikh. In this photo, taken yesterday, we see Dan Choi, wearing his dog tags, at a Hollywood rally awaiting the California Supreme Court ruling on Prop 8. Choi, who served as an Arabic-speaking specialist, was dismissed by the military for “violating” “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.”

… By the way, where exactly is “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” on the White House, Pentagon and Democratic congressional agenda now?

(image 1: A.P. via Dan Choi. image 2: Damian Dovarganes/A.P. Los Angeles, May 26, 2009)

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