May 8, 2009

Where Goes The Burger?

Note: If you’re looking for the Biden and Obama “Your Turn” from the burger joint I posted about an hour ago, one second look, it felt way “too edgy” to me. It’s been a long week, one in which I’ve somehow been drawn to edgier material, starting off with Condi’s Stanford encounter on Monday. My first instinct was that the burger shot was a nice, light Fri. pm departure, but then, the “Mantis in Lace” poster, with the girl holding the dagger over Biden’s head … especially after the Edwards post … that, following the “mainlining” post, was just too much. In any case, all this presents a nice opportunity to encourage you to help feed The BAG with your links and takes. You can send to openbag AT bagnews DOT com. Thanks and best!

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