May 23, 2009

Your Turn: Obama’s New Afghan Commander, Lady Liberty, Bucking Broncos (And Those Precious Bodily Fluids)

I’m really fascinated by this single photo of Obama with new Afghan commander McChrystal (of black ops fame) in the Oval Office offered up by Pete Souza on the WH Flickr stream.

Maybe it’s the shrink in me, but looking at the photo — especially, having read this somewhat perverse NYT piece on McChrystal’s “asceticism” — gives me visions of Dr. Strangelove.

And then, I love that Souza 1.) places Lady Liberty between the President and the Commander, 2.) gives the same treatment to the cowboy on the wild steed, and 3.) orients Obama’s hand so he seems to be touching the pin with the wings (can anyone identify it?) while also covering up McChrystal’s name.

Any thoughts on what any of this means?

(image: Pete Souza/White House. May 19, 2009. WH Flickr photostream)

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