June 7, 2009

Eviction Update

Do you remember the powerful photos by Getty’s John Moore of an eviction in Lafayette, Colorado back in February (1, 2)?

The SFGate ran this photo from a new series. The image shows a child’s doll, its face just barely above the water in a basin, as a couch is carted away in the background. Beyond the paradoxically bright colors and symbols of childhood, one has only to glimpse this image to intone the question: how many people suffering the recession are just barely keeping their heads above water?

(image: John Moore/Getty Images. caption: An eviction team removes belongings left behind during foreclosure proceedings on a home June 3, 2009 in Lafayette, Colorado. The owners had stopped making their mortgage payments, and the bank foreclosed on the house with a court order. The former owners had moved out days before. As the national unemployment rate continues to rise nationwide, many Americans are falling further behind in their rent and mortgage payments, resulting in more evictions and foreclosures. Via SFGate.com)

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