June 11, 2009

What He's Up To


by guest blogger Cara Finnegan

It has begun. President Obama went to Green Bay, WI yesterday for a town hall meeting on health care (his remarks here). The visit marks the more or less official public launch of the administration's rhetorical and political efforts, which will include a speech to the American Medical Association on Monday. This lively group greeted the president at Green Bay's Southwest High School. Now, as the Caucus Blog usefully points out, health care is not typically a topic one protests: "Down With Health Care?" "Just Say No To Improved Quality of Life?" Not so much.

What I love most about this image isn't the spelling error (though that's nice), it's the hilarious irony of the conspiratorial tone. Note the underlined words for emphasis: We know what you're up to.  Conspiracy traffics in whispers, snide remarks, and sideways glances as it seeks to undermine our confidence in what we thought we knew. Yet at a moment when the Obama White House is poised to be all health care, all the time, one is tempted simply to reply, "We all know what he's up to, lady. Believe me. We can't get the guy to shut up about it."

(image: Jewel Samad/AFP/Getty Images)

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