July 3, 2009

Arnold Watch: Oh Captain, My Captain

LOS ANGELES, CA - JULY 02:  California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger holds a press conference surrounded by "California families" on July 2, 2009 in Los Angeles, California. The governor attacked the Democratic-led state legislature, saying it is putting union interests over taxpayers' well-being. The governor made the remarks as the state was about to start issuing IOUs instead of payments.  (Photo by John Moore/Getty Images)

The beauty of Getty photographer John Moore’s image of Schwarzenegger’s press conference/photo op as he blasts the legislature while upping state worker furloughs and issuing tax refund, bank and vendor IOU’s?

…Yes, what about the children?

(The NYT piece has another Moore image, this one conveying an even more disconcerting picture of the flanking “California families” (re: props) — and the people’s confidence in the Terminator.)

(John Moore/Getty Images)

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