July 28, 2009

One World Alliance

What this NYT health care negotiator photo/diagram, and the accompanying story tells us, is that:

1. Slightly more than 6 months into his term, Obama is making clear headway in establishing a more collaborative environment on Capitol Hill. (Certainly, it’s a far cry from this.)

2. The comity of the 3-3 party split in the reportedly tight-knit Senate Finance working group suggests Obama’s goal is not just health care legislation, but a landmark consensus.

But then, with almost all eyes on minority member Grassley and one of the three Dems actually “out of the picture,” what price kumbaya?

(Edited/Revised 11:15 am PST. Removed point #3 for cluelessness.)

from: Health Policy Now Carved Out at a More Centrist Table (NYT)

(image: Stephen Crowley/NY Times)

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