August 17, 2009

Archive Edition


For those of you who’ve been around since “the early days,” do you remember the August I got run off from the Corralitos fire station for boosting their wireless? Thankfully, every summer get-away has been progressively smoother, partially thanks to your suggestions. (Big ups to Piggy Market in Aptos for free internet!)

This next week will be one step beyond, however, involving some camping in Yosemite and the chance to unplug.

In the meantime, The BAG has a line-up we hope you’ll find interesting. Each day, we’ll be featuring a post from the archive carefully chosen for its parallel to current themes, battles and headlines while also affording some longitudinal perspective. Rather than carry the discussion threads forward (because most of these posts generated a lot of comments at the time), we’ll offer a clean slate for discussion with a link to the original post in order to reference what people originally saw and interpreted.

As a teaser, let me also add that a lot of exciting things have been happening inside The BAG that we hope to share with you soon. In the meantime, enjoy the archive edition and see you again, after a little zen, in a week.

(photo: BNN. Doing dishes/Yosemite/’07-ish)

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