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August 28, 2009

GOP Health Care Two Step: Cowards or Hypocrites?

Enzi health care.jpg

“If I hadn’t been involved in this process as long as I have and to the depth as I have, you would already have national health care.”

— from: “Mike Ensue, Gang Of Six Republican, Admits He’s Simply Blocking Health Care Reform“/HuffPo

Either ranking Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee and “Gang of Six” GOP Senator Mike Enzi a.) has been working “across the aisle” to try and fashion some kind of health care solution but is terrified to own up to it before angry right-wing town hall agitators or b.) he is determined to torpedo health care legislation but has been play-acting the part of team player (1 , 2) to avoid appearing like he doesn’t give a damn.

So which is it (as Enzi exhibits diligence in this photo op, arranging copies of the health care reform bill prior to a markup hearing in late June)?

(image: Charles Dharapak/A.P. June 17, 2009)

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