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August 25, 2009

Links and Traps

Obama golf.jpg

The caption at Daylife, the newswire site, doesn’t bother to identify the foursome but the WAPO 44 blog does.

With all the lip service being paid to ethics and accountability (and with Wall Street starting to gin it up again), it’s incredibly disheartening to see Obama palling around with people a major political cash machine even remotely under a suspicious cloud. As a result, if this photo op spawns swings like this one from AmericaBlog

This does explain a few mysteries about the soft handling of the banks who trashed our global economy.

… the President has no one to tee off on but himself.

(photo: AP Photo/Alex Brandon. WAPO caption: President Obama tees off his round of golf Monday as, from left, his friend Eric Whitaker, presidential aide Marvin Nicholson and UBS Americas president Robert Wolf await their turn)

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