August 11, 2009

Note to CBS: Quit Encouraging The Rioters


The title CBS used on their video report of the citizen Craig Anthony Miller unilaterally taking over a public meeting and getting way up in Arlen Specter’s face today is not just a complete misread, it also exposes the knee-jerk addiction on the part of TV News to sensationalize and flame controversy.

How simply and plainly can one say this? Specter was not shouted down. Specter was not even close to being shouted down.

Keeping the guards from intervening, Specter allowed this raging and often wildly gesticulating man to essentially spew all over him, all the while standing solidly, listening calmly, maintaining complete eye contact, giving Miller his total say. Then having finished, rather than entertain any reply from the Senator, this man, in a cowardly manner while still having the floor still open to him, backed down and skunked off.

Specter-Town-Hall-2.jpg Specter-Town-Hall-3.jpgSpecter-Town-Hall-4.jpg

(Here are a few more screenshots. Click for full size Notice #2 looks like Miller might be ready to throw a punch. Re: #3, how sad for the American flag.)

What the headline should have alluded to in some pithy way was Specter’s brilliance in demonstrating exactly what’s needed from leadership right now, which is the refusal to be intimidated.

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