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August 5, 2009

Target: We Own You

WAPO ombudsman catches Living section having photoshopped Target logo onto hipster's arm.

You’re our fan. You’re our plunger. You’re our bright idea. You’re our bull’s eye….

Maybe there’s no connection, but the fact the WAPO Living section photoshopped this Target tattoo onto this fetching hipster’s arm (without any caption or notice on-line) is all too reminiscent of the recent salon fiasco. The original story involved the all-too-indy neighborhood of Columbia Heights supposedly succumbing, in spite of itself, to Target-mania.

… Sounds like corporate guerilla marketing in the end stage. We own every last one of you — and the media can (ap)prove it.

(h/t: Raleigh)

(photo illustration: Patterson Clark)

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