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September 21, 2009

George Schieffer and Bob Stephanopoulos

Obama 5 Press Programs.jpg

No other president has been a guest on so many Sunday talk shows at once, which signaled how much Mr. Obama wanted to reclaim the health care debate and persuade skeptics that his plans would not increase taxes on the middle class. But for so well-spoken and confident a president, the lack of spontaneity on Sunday was striking. — from TV Watch: For President, Five Programs, One Message / NYT.

And that was Obama’s fault?

I thought the beauty of the NYT collage was to illustrate how a.) these inside-the-beltway softball pitchers might as well be clones, and b.) yes he can dump FOX and quit pandering to the right without much discernible downside.

(images: Pete Souza/White House)

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