September 21, 2009

(Holy) Spirit of the Value Voters

If you have a chance, check out photojournalist Jim Lo Scalzo’s slide show of last weekend’s Value Voters Summit in D.C.

Taken together with Rachel Maddow’s VV report highlighting Roy Blunt’s racist intimation and that homophobic blather from Sen. Coburn’s chief-of-staff caught with the hidden camera, we get an interesting slice of the extreme goings on.

What Jim’s slide show highlights (see this one, as well) is how much the meeting is a celebration of the religious right. Traditional media might gloss over the distinction between social conservatives and religious fundamentalists, but the pictures do not. Having been thumped last November, these people are seeking revival in the fullest sense of the term.

(image: Jim Lo Scalzo for U.S. News)

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