October 20, 2009

Afghanistan Reboot: Kerrying the Day

Kerry Helmand.jpg

Really, is anybody thinking about how this looks?

You’ve got Kerry — the guy Rove dismembered — leading the Afghan visual charge this week as we strong arm Karzai, who rigged the election, into accept a run-off. And as weak as that looks, the agenda included sticking JFK in front of tribal elders in Helmand, supposedly highlighting our re-calibrated military strategy of engaging the locals like we did in Anbar to win over hearts and minds, the result being they sit there on the floor, those not falling asleep, laughing at him.

And then, what a wonderful message allowing the cameraman to park front-and-center not just blocking the locals already lowly view but reminding us, as well, that this is a propaganda show.

(image: Abdul Khaleq/A.P. caption: In this photo taken Sunday, Oct. 18, 2009, U.S. Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass, right, speaks to elders of Garmser district in Helmand province, southern Afghanistan.)

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