October 14, 2009

Latin Songs, page A16

I was interested in the juxtaposition between these two photos at opposite ends of page 16 in this morning’s NYT print edition.

The top photo accompanied the article “Immigration Rally Draws Thousands” and marks a rally in DC yesterday advocating for comprehensive immigration reform. The second article can be found here.

A few questions….

Is the juxtaposition really fair?

Even if his agenda looks like a ten course meal, can progressives really expect the President to get behind and push any one or two issues beyond health care or Afghanistan that trip off alarms in the culture war?

Is it unrealistic for progressives to hope certain issues can be pushed more than piece meal, or or more than symbolically, given feedback from the White House that America (and/or Congress) is not ready, or only “so ready” to embrace cultural issues?

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Michael Shaw
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