October 25, 2009

Little of Precious

But at the end, it’s just this girl, and she’s trying to live. I know this chick. You know her. But we just choose not to know her.” — Lee Daniels

If the story of “ ‘Precious’ is so not Obama… ‘Precious’ is so not P.C.” as the article and Director Daniels says, why does the NYT Mag directly tie the cover to him through the “audacity” headline and also glorify Gabourey Sidibe as an elegant celebrity miles from the raw abuse victim that makes this movie so unique.

No knock on photographer Robert Maxwell, but the glossy, elegant, black-and-white photos of the key cast members on page 1 and 2 (most here and here) illustrating what is ultimately a celeb piece about the director represents race-class denial, and the compulsion to sprint as fast and as far away from the movie, and what it depicts, as possible.

The trailer.

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