October 26, 2009

NY23: Repubs Trying Each Other’s Souls


Not that I was trying to make Lisa Miller, the DC Tea Party organizer, look bad with the eyes closed.

I wanted to show you this specific screen shot, however, given the exact moment she not only holds up Newt’s novel, but a flier branding Gingrich a RINO (Repub In Name Only). Rounding out the optics, by the way, is also a dangling cross. (If you expand the inset photo, you’ll also see still more “populist messaging” on her friend’s t-shirt.)

The symbols all told — Miller opens the video by announcing how Newt is actually “trying her soul,” given his backing of the pro-life pro-choice Republican in NY23 — we have a classic instance here of how the Republicans, the radical fringe egged on by Sarah Palin, are tearing themselves apart.

Also sorta fun is the filmed encounter between Miller and Newt inside the bookstore. Miller, in both the video outside and inside, is almost ridiculously polite on camera, as if conscious to demonstrate that: Tea Party ≠ Wacko. The prop overload and all the “soul trying” though seems to argue the opposite.

(screen shots via Hot Air)

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