October 21, 2009

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After spending much of the summer and most of September banging his presidential drum in favor of a health care overhaul, Mr. Obama, entering what one senior White House official called “a quiet period,” is intentionally lowering his public profile on the issue, for the moment. — from Obama Takes a Health Care Hiatus (NYT)

Oh really? The same day these pictures from Obama’s big fundraiser in NY hit the wire?

What the photos have to say (besides: welcome to Summer ’08!) is that “O” has his whole head in the battle. It’s not surprising the Administration, ever keen about when to turn on Obamamania, is going with the formula that won the election in the first place. That is (as you can physically see in the visual top and in the url just below): the issue and the franchise are one.

By the way, also notice that the battle, consistent with campaign mode, is no longer for a program or a policy (“health care reform”) but against an actual opponent — the health insurance industry.

(image 1: Gerald Herbert/AP. President Barack Obama delivers remarks at a Democratic National Committee fundraiser in New York, Tuesday, Oct. 20, 2009)

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