November 4, 2009

Call Out the Armey

Abutting the headline this afternoon “Republicans Bask in Glow of Victories in N.J. and Va.” is a sneak peek article and photo previewing the upcoming NYT Mag doling out a national “15” minutes to the “Obamantagonist” flavor-of-the-week. Given a big hand up (or, -out) into the ring is the recycled Dick Armey.

In this case, another fine portrait maker gives us a classic black-and-white Washington cowboy-in-a-suit — an angry comedian for the camera, and just angry otherwise — who is going to kick the moonbats out of the corral.

If the move is, oh so tired at this point, there’s still that “fair-and-balanced” hamburger to grind.

(photo: Henry Leutwyler for The New York Times)

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