November 23, 2009

Commandant Beck Not Joking Anymore

Beck Idiots.jpg

March on Washington on MLK Day? Libertarian conventions? 100 year plans?

Using his “latest-book” tour as the field test for a new (yep, Palin-esque) identity, Glenn Beck proposes to transform himself from screaming (faux-) media pundit into full-fledged political activist.

In the process, though, Beck should realize that tongue-in-cheek symbolism — once you switch hats– can come back to maul people.

For example, check out this photo cleverly chosen by the NYT to illustrate Glenn’s transformation. Whereas the cover of the Commandant’s book is meant as pure satire directed at the government, and the title “Arguing with Idiots” is meant as pure mockery aimed at “the moonbats,” impressions aren’t the same in migrating from the book tour to the campaign caravan, the pretense of show business finally tossed under the bus.

In the make-over from infotainment guy throwing spit wads to “the change we’ve been waiting for,” let’s all welcome the temperature-uncontrolled, fascist poster boy to town!

(11/24. 12:15am PST. slightly edited.)

(photo: Gregg Matthews for The New York Times)

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