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November 12, 2009

Goodbye, Dobbs … For a Minute


Daylife offers this Lou Dobbs photo tonight, showing the former CNN race-baiter being escorted through the crowd at NY’s MLK holiday march in ’08. I don’t know whether Lou interjected himself into the march, or maybe he was just crossing the street to his office.

Either way, the posture seem characteristic. Sporting the trademark flag pin, his loosened tie reading “working stiff,” and with a megaphone aligned with his temple, Dobbs — as he so often fancies it — is flanked by law enforcement while wincing past ethnic protesters, the cop’s outstretched hand forming a barrier between Lou and reality-on-the-ground (Stop Racism!) further enabling that pompous air of superiority with a look that could, as much, convey “you people don’t exist to me” as “I’ll have a new gig by tomorrow.”

(photo: Chip East/Reuters. January 21, 2008.)

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