November 5, 2009

Ron Ron Ron, Ron Ron Away

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Even if Steele is a blowhard… and the photo is just a grasp for the past from a party out-of-sorts… and a knee-jerk move to slap a not-very-convincing exclamation point on a minor, and not-systemic couple of off-year wins…

maybe these guys aren’t all that stupid, and there’s also an instructive warning here for the Dems …

which is that Dees got wiped out after Obama took Virginia and Corzine went down after Obama took NJ because the Dems lost a lot of blue-collar and suburban Democrats over the economy, and the lack of a larger focus on it.

…In other words, maybe Steele was envisioning the word “Welcome” scrawled just above The Gipper and the word “Democrats!” scribbled in below.

(photo: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images. caption: With a photograph of former President Ronald Reagan hanging on the wall, Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele holds a news conference at the committee’s headquarters on Captiol Hill November 4, 2009 in Washington, DC. “Republicans won from the courthouse to the statehouse,” Steele said while talking about GOP wins in yesterday’s elections in New Jersey, Virginia and other races across the country.)

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