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November 27, 2009

The Number of Models Marketed Unapologetically at Children Stretches to 42

Taveras gunslingers.jpg

The story is a natural for the other side of the pond (pivoting off the Colorado Cowboy Fast Draw championships to the marketing of guns to children to chilling anecdotes of gun violence).

With the outfits and the backdrop, the pics are a slamdunk caricature, serving up the U.S. as a country obsessed with living out childhood wild west gunslinger fantasies.

Guardian slideshow: Shooting Times.

(photo: Caroll Taveras. caption: Coby ‘Spud’ Coffman, nine, is the Billy the Kid world fast-draw champion in the eight to 12 years category. Blond-haired under a white cowboy hat, he was given his first gun at seven, when he started hunting jack rabbits in the fields in Idaho.)

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