November 24, 2009

Your Turn: Afghanistan — The Read from the Situation Room

In the last 13 days, the White House has posted only three photos to its Flickr stream. Two of the three feature the closely-watched meeting between Obama and his national security team as they drill down on an intensively studied, long-anticipated and re-revised Afghanistan strategy. (Word is, the final strategy will be unveiled on December 1.)

The earlier of the two photos, the one on the left, was taken and uploaded back on the 11th. The one on the right was taken and posted just yesterday. (You might want to also compare these two views with the photo this BAG post that Pete Souza and the White House offered of the same process three-and-a-half weeks back.)

To the extent these chosen images intend to communicate this critical process to the American people, and given the angles, the focus and the body language, how do you read where we are, where they’ve been, and what’s going on? By the way, Ben Smith at Politico kicks in this analysis on the latest pic.

(You can also see the two photos here and here.)

(photos: Pete Souza/White House)

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