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December 29, 2009

(A Photo-Activist Take on the) '09 Photos of the Year: Afghanistan in our Skivvies

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“Any soldier who goes into battle against the Taliban in pink boxers and flip-flops has a special kind of courage … I can only wonder about the impact on the Taliban. Just imagine seeing that: a guy in pink boxers and flip-flops has you in his cross-hairs. What an incredible innovation in psychological warfare.”

–Defense Secretary Gates   

Touted at the time as the iconic photo of the Afghan war, this picture from early May now stands as a classic example of denial and misdirection. While the media and the Pentagon made light of Spc. Zachary Boyd fighting the Taliban in his pink “I love NY” boxer shorts, the total overhaul of U.S. strategy six months down the road acknowledged we actually were waging a war with out pants down.

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(image: David Guttenfelder/A.P. May 11, 2009. Korengal Valley, Afghanistan)

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