December 20, 2009

The Best BAG Posts of the Decade

As we start 2010 with a new BAGnews just around the corner,  we thought this time appropriate for reposting
 the best BAG posts of the decade, a casual look at some
the BAG’s best posts since 2003 (not exactly a decade, it just feels like it).  We will run this series through Christmas and
possibly on an irregular basis to the New Year.

Bag retro

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The astute among you may note that the first BAGnewsNotes post
appeared in 2001
. Since the second BAG post didn’t happen until 2002, we’ll
use the more frequent posts of 2003 as a starting point.  Whatever the year, BAG’s first post started the
site on a path we tread today: dissecting spin and, sometimes, replacing it
with our own. 

In 2003, Michael posted copies of his hand-drawn cartoon
lunch bags.  The cartoons were
politically-edged satire based on visual politics, a subject matter that
governs the BAG to this day.  The bags posted above are among the first posted on the site, beginning with Starting the Spin Cycle in June 2003.

 Quite frequently, an early BAG post topic dealt with the post 9/11
Bush Administration, the Iraq
, and the lies,
omissions, and confabulations
that brought us to war.  One of my personal favorites is the last “bag”
on the right posted above.  That post also
featured the first photograph
posted on BAG.  Readers may have noticed the fallen Barney’s slight
resemblance to an inverted map of Iraq.  

Bush barney


If you want to peruse the fabulous Bag archive from the
beginning, just start here
or click on the links at the end of this post.

Karen Hull

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