December 1, 2009

The Most Scandalous Picture Inside the White House Tent

After a week dominating cable infotainment, the White House gatecrasher story has become a media distraction game.

The much bigger question is what Katie Couric and America’s top network (so-called) journalists are doing at the Administration’s first State Dinner, and why they are standard fixtures at such events, consistently hobnobbing around and sucking up to the ruling class, whoever may be in power– so much so that we, like sheep, see photos of leading political figures and media journalists paling around and just take it for granted.

Also on the official guest list was: Tom Friedman, Fareed Zakaria, Gayle King, Robin Roberts and Brian Williams.

It’s also no wonder, by the way, that media would conveniently leave this picture out their endless gatecrasher coverage while broadcasting shots of the Salahi’s with Obama and Biden ad naseum.

Go surge!

(photo: Michaele

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