January 10, 2010

Ailes, FOX, Foxes

Ailes FOX foxes

A long time reader wrote today about the two pics of Roger Ailes accompanying his NYT profile — particularly the shot above (also leading the print front page.)

He imagined that the photo editors were ashamed of what the writers had done, basically glorifying Ailes and ignoring how much money Fox News lost for over a decade, and so slipped in a visually subversive shot — showing him being catered to by a pair of FOX Business fawning foxes — to undermining the spin of the story.

Of course, the other message here, whether we’re talking FOX or The Times, forget about Roger, is that sex sells.

(h/t: MS)

(photo: Mark Lennihan/Associated Press. caption: Roger Ailes spoke with the anchors Jenna Lee, left, and Nicole Petallides before a Fox Business Network broadcast in 2007.)

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