January 18, 2010

Little Haiti

MLK Little Haiti

One of the marvelous things about following the ebb-and-flow of visual politics each day is to witness how separate events come together to create their own meanings. NewsOne offers this simple snapshot this morning, capturing a smiling woman and a boy as they come across a mural of Martin Luther King besides a Haitian and American flag in Miami’s Little Haiti.

As much as King’s face and expression is key here, perhaps the woman’s smile and the boy’s look toward King are more significant as regards the plight and consideration of the Haitians right now.

Here’s an excerpt to the post, “What Martin Luther King Would Say About Haiti On His Birthday”:

“For King, giving money to Haiti would not be enough. In order to be good citizens of the world, it is not good enough to just to give money, we must make sure to end the economic and social climate that led to the disaster.”

(photo: unattributed)

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