January 28, 2010

More SOTU: Framed for Hanging


Small-mindedness, timidity, pettiness and self-interest. Obama won the night (and aligned himself perfectly with Main Street) by doling out the shame to DC’s “untouchables.”

We just need to straighten out this NYT caption that accompanied the photo:

“By now, Mr. Obama can hardly be under any illusions about the depth of the partisan divide as he seeks to reboot his presidency. Yet he still seemed surprised on Wednesday night when he could not get Republicans to applaud tax cuts.”

Surprised? Try, feigned surprised. Obama knew exactly what to expect as he went around the room.

And when the GOP flashed him and the cameras this attitude, these little boys — unable to give it up, even for their own pet passion — provided Obama the perfect pose.

(photo: Luke Sharrett for The New York Times. Obama State of the Union speech. January 27, 2010, Washington, D.C.)

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