January 26, 2010

What the White House has to do with English Waffles

David Cameron billboard

I thought the takeaway from the Scott Brown debacle was to finally line up behind a progressive agenda and attack the recession and job losses. Well, that lasted about a week — until the Administration dropped that brick about a spending freeze.

The Administration — if you watched Jared Bernstein’s painful and unending exhibition of incoherence last night on Maddow — says this freeze is actually just part of a package of different ideas, and doesn’t kick in till down the road.  But, it’s becoming hard to believe anybody in that White House understand message management (in this critical post-Massachusetts window on the threshold of a State of the Union speech) — and the fact the media and the public cannot handle more than a simple main idea or two at a time.

This billboard in Britain should serve as a warning to a White House swerving wildly back-and-forth between a progressive and conservative agenda. Cameron — like the typical right-winger, obsessed with spending cuts even while the people are getting trampled (and worried about an attack on their health system) — is also trying to have it both ways. And you can see the result.

But then, maybe the strategy coming out of Massachusetts, with all the double-messages, is to get people who are hurting even more pissed off than they already are.

(photo: Dan Kitwood/Getty Images Europe. caption: A billboard poster of Conservative party leader David Cameron stands vandalised on January 26, 2010 in London, England. The Conservatives admitted that the image of the party leader had been retouched but no significant alterations were made.)
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