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February 1, 2010

Bottom Line, I'd Much Rather See Haitian Uniforms Wringing Haitian Necks

US Soldier Haiti food line.jpg

I understand it’s peacekeeping and this first picture, shot yesterday, has a specific and humanitarian context:

caption: US paratroopers from the 82nd airborne hold down a man caught jumping the queue for aid at a distribution point in Port-au-Prince.


But then, aside from the drawn gun, there’s literally a world of difference between the first photo and the second photo, isn’t there.

(…Specifically, notice the gesture/response, in #1, of the red shirt guy in the jeans.)

(photo: Jean-Philippe Ksiazek/Getty Images. January 31, 2010. via BostonBigPicture: Haiti 3 Weeks Later. photo 2: Damon Winter/NYT. A Haitian officer knocked a suspected looter to the ground and held him at gunpoint. )

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