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February 5, 2010

Friday Your Turn: Baaaaad to the Bone

What is it about the

What is it about the “demon sheep” that is causing so much buzz?

Is it tapping a paranoia that we are not only helpless animals, but that we are destined to be victimized by those who, otherwise appearing just like us, are actually evil? In a year where the electorate feels particularly helpless and taken advantage of, is it a brilliant primordial attack on professional politicians?

Even if the ad is nonsensical (or maybe, because of it), it’s certainly doing something.

… And then, there’s this.

The Video: FCINO: Fiscal Conservative In Name Only Fiorina for Senate)

Carly Fiorina’s bizarre political ad: Tom Campbell as demon sheep (CS Monitor)

Fiorina ‘Demon Sheep’ Ad’s Artistic Inspiration REVEALED(Linkins)

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