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February 9, 2010

The Politics of Aid

Cuban doctors Haiti.jpg

The largest contingent of medical relief workers in Haiti since the January 12th earthquake?

If U.S. politics might make it less than p.c. to visualize (this “full of” relief photo courtesy of the UN), the answer is: the Cubans.

(Photo: Sophia Paris/MINUSTAH. caption: The World Health Organization (WHO) provides Diphtheria and Tetanus vaccinations given by Cuban doctors at the National Stadium on February 3, 2010 in downtown Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Since the earthquake that devastated Haiti on January 12th, people who lost their homes have moved into the stadium living in makeshift tents and unsanitary conditions. The Cuban nurses go from tent to tent vaccinating people who have not received it yet. (Photo by Sophia Paris/MINUSTAH)

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