March 17, 2010

American Non-Exceptionalism (or: Biden as Chopped Liver)

Biden yarmulke.jpg

If governing truly has become a 200-channel circus and health care is sucking up most of the political oxygen (and the media truly doesn’t care about Afghanistan), then Biden is lucky because, otherwise, this little gem — of the Veep last week in a yarmulke standing before a Jewish star in Israel’s military cemetery in Jerusalem after the Israeli’s ambushed him with a major announcement about a major building push on the east side of town — makes Joe look a little like Dukakis in a tank.

(photo: Ariel Schalit/Reuters -Pool. caption: U.S. Vice President Joe Biden walks in Mount Herzl military cemetery in Jerusalem March 9, 2010. Biden assured Israel on Tuesday of Washington’s commitment to its security and preventing Iran from producing nuclear weapons.)

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