March 27, 2010

Palin Fits McCain to a Tea

Palin McCain 3_10

You’ve got to appreciate SP’s sense of timing, exploiting the news vacuum by doing her McCain re-engagement one heart-beat after Congress sewed up the health care drama. As you can see, the NYT bit on it, splashing her (and, oh yeah, John Cue Card) on page one.

And then, give The Times points for the visual irony, playing Sarah Palin in that badass leather motorcycle-ish jacket — accessorizing for the rebel crowd AND slamming wardrobe-gate –against this “Little Bo Beep”-looking gesture. Finally, I like how the Times went 100% Tea in the caption highlighting the out-and-out hypocrisy of tying Mac to the Teabaggers in a country fair appearance making it blatantly obvious who’s got the fan base.

(photo: Joshua Lott/Reuters)

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