May 9, 2010

Americans March on Red Square

Moscow Hosts Victory Day Military Parade

It was both a visual and a historical milestone today as U.S. troops, for the first time, marched in Russia’s Victory Day Red Square parade. Question is, besides a warmer relationship between Medvedev and Obama which led to the inclusion of NATO in the famous, traditionally nationalistic military parade, is there anything of great significance to be drawn here?

The Putin snub of Biden and Prince Charles, by the way, prove that politics don’t necessarily change all that fast.

(caption: Troops from the U.S. 170th Infantry Brigade march in the Victory Day parade on May 9, 2010 at Red Square, in Moscow, Russia. The military parade which commemorates the victory of the Soviet Union over Nazi Germany is the first at which NATO troops have been invited to take part, in what is seen as a recognition of post cold war solidarity.)


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