May 26, 2010

Jon Lowenstein: Aftershock Haiti

Jon Lowenstein went to Haiti a couple of weeks after the earthquake determined to go beyond the conflict and scavenger images.

He made his photographs with Polaroid negative film. “I thought this medium was really good because it’s rough and it really makes you think,” said Lowenstein. Many of the images are deteriorated, damaged by the heat. There was no editor anxiously awaiting the digital files. It was just Lowenstein on his own dime, his film, and the survivors of the disaster.

“I never covered anything this severe, with so much death,” said Lowenstein “Ashes to ashes.”

Lowenstein has since sold the work and plans to return to Haiti a few times this year in order to develop a story about the importance of the Haiitan diaspora in the rebuilding of Haiti by following two Chicagoans, Jean Cayamitte and Maurice Bonhomme, to their native hometown Petit Goave.

Jon Lowenstein: Aftershock Haiti (Noor Images)

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