May 20, 2010

Rand "Country Club" Paul

By way of Flickr photographer Gage Skidmore, we have the most telling “behind-the-scene” photo of Tuesday night.  In a profoundly hypocritical if illuminating move, Tea Party populist and golden boy, Rand Paul, situates his victory party at the exclusive Bowling Green Country Club.

From a related TPM discussion thread, we have these reader gems:

1. (Via henrythef):

Fees at Bowling Green Country Club per year total $6,340.

$2500 initiation
$270 monthly fee ($3240 per year)
$50 monthly food/beverage minimum ($600 per year)

2. (via Matt Jones)

He *might* have wanted to choose a club that wasn’t segregated until practically the 1970s….

A couple other choice shots.  In this group portrait, Skidmore leaves some extra width on both sides so you can see how the family fits into the club landscape.

It this photo, we see Rand’s delighted parents juxtaposed with a satellite dish rising from the Bowling Green CC’s pristine lawns.

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