May 24, 2010

Rand Paul Sucking on a Tailpipe?

Rand Paul

You think things aren’t getting ugly between Rand Paul and the visual media?

About the only unobstructed newswire photo I could find of the much anticipated “unity meeting” with Mitch McConnell was the one above.  Especially after Paul’s comments to Maddow about civil rights, I’m not defending the man at all.  Still, there is a viciousness to this picture (how much it speaks to an editorial agenda and how much it captures Paul’s mind and personality, I can’t say) revolving around Paul’s radical agenda.

Besides capturing McConnell, yes, falling in line behind the Senate-candidate (if also looking a little glazed), Paul comes off really aggressive.  The clenched fist — also familiar to many as connoting a particular sexual activity –has the look of an uppercut, while the way his mouth is captured, he could, just as well, be sucking on an exhaust pipe.

It’s going to be an interesting campaign to watch with the sound off.

(caption: Republican U.S. Senate candidate Rand Paul speaks to supporters during a party unity rally in Frankfort, Ky. , Saturday, May 22, 2010. U.S. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, right, and U.S. Rep. Hal Rogers look on in the background.)

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