May 17, 2010

Capitol Concern

Capitol Concern

If it’s the picture of empathy, still I’m wondering, considering the lobbying power of the oil and gas industry in Washington….

How much does the fact we’re witnessing an all female, all Democratic group of Senators —  all representing the vulnerable West Coast — distract from the complicity, and now, the relative helplessness of the government in BP’s high-risk and phenomenally costly defoliation of the Gulf?

I’m also curious about the difference in each expression, especially what Feinstein — looking more scared than concerned — was thinking.

Finally, note how much the photo of the Deepwater Horizon rig literally overshadows, as well as obscures and slices through the U.S. Capitol building.

(caption: May 13. At a news conference, from left, Sens. Maria Cantwell, Dianne Feinstein and Barbara Boxer announce a bill to limit off-shore oil drilling. At left is a photo of the Deepwater Horizon before it sank last month.)

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