May 15, 2010

Specter, Party of One

If you’re mainlining Tuesday’s election, I’m sure you’ve already seen any number of photos and collages of Arlen Specter alternately hugging and mugging with Bush, with Obama, with Rove, with Biden, with Lieberman, etc.

I’ve got three shots for you of the chameleon who, in the current “throw the bums out” atmosphere, is being hammered by Sestak for not standing for anything but himself.

1. I just love George Hebert’s Campaign ’08 photo of Specter with the screaming red Palin.  The way she’s dressed for success by the Republican Party while he accessorizes with that red tie — which, with the blue dots, could go either way — and the both of them yukking it up against the red, white and blue, is a study in color, in political marketing, and the fact you can’t escape your past.

IFPTE. Washington, D.C., April 2008.

2. This image  shows Specter pitching his book on surviving cancer — open to the photo page, of course — to the International Federation of Professional and Technical Engineers – Local 3 during Legislative Week, 2008. With those dull eyes and the way his mouth is open and his tongue is showing, the photo of Specter — with Specter, Specter, Specter and more Specter — seems to capture, in equal mix, political avarice and the mind-numbing marketing grind of the political book tour.

3. A third take on Spector is found on this page on artist Michael Shane’s website.  Both the portrait and the shot of the two men commemorating it illustrates political framing (and the framing of Specter) as a literal act.

4. And, as I’m loving the BAG’s cool new archive feature, there is some choice Specter imagery there, as well, including the “1, 2, 3” post, the “Singular Politician,” and “Peace Train” — all dealing with the Specter conversion.

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