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Alan Chin Photo June 30, 2010

Alan Chin: The Ocean On Fire

Alan Chin flying over the Gulf Oil Spill on board a BP helicopter.

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International Focus Photo June 27, 2010

Peter Van Agtmael: The Ground War

FOCUS ON THE WAR: Peter Van Agtmael covering ground combat in Afghanistan.

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Summit Update: Locusts

You know you're not going to keep thousands of angry citizens and anarchists off the streets, so you can take for granted they're going to show up in the news either facing off with, or even being manhandled by the robocops. So okay. But what you can't afford to...

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Culture Focus Photo June 25, 2010

Your Turn: If Looks Could Kill

I thought this was an interesting choice to counterprogram the G-8 summit. …And people worried, after 9/11, if irony was dead. Frankly, though, I’d love it — in addition to understanding this in terms of the current state of the world — if someone could illuminate this a little...

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Visual Week in Review: McChrystal Falls, Those Ain’t Snowballs, Soccer=Kumbaya?

Today's Visual Week in Review looks at political spin (tar balls --not snowballs -- have hit Pensacola!); the media's addiction to drama (Afghanistan was a snoozer till McChrystal's head rolled); and global kumbaya as a World Cup marketing fantasy.

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President Obama Photo June 24, 2010

Kitchen Debate — Not What it Used to Be

So, is the world (yikes!) just a safer place these days? Or, is the cold war just safely committed to the history ? (Or, has capitalism finally gotten the best of everybody?)l

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Tear Down That Wall?

As the 2010 World Cup unfolds imagistically, many photos remind us of the potential of sport to serve as a uniting cultural force—especially since this tournament is unfolding in a post-apartheid South Africa. That makes this shot of Palestinian World Cup fans all the more ironic.

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President Obama Photo June 23, 2010

Your Turn: Getting Above It

Destiny?  It’s particularly interesting reading this shot of candidate Obama and the General almost two years later. Your thoughts? (caption: Sen. Barack Obama listens as Gen. David H. Petraeus discusses security improvements in Baghdad while giving him and Sens. Jack Reed and Chuck Hagel an aerial tour of the...

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The McChrystal Drama. (Beats Shark Attacks)

As the (cable and punditry) world waits with baited breath (yeah, it's officially summer) for the verdict on Obama - McChrystal, doesn't this pic of Stanley arriving at the White House for his fate to be meted out have a bit of a penitentiary feel?

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World Cup: What If…

What if, in the midst of war and strife and suffering and inequality, we could suddenly have a month, a whole month, in which military-style encampments were pitched by sports fans.

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President Obama Photo June 22, 2010

Stanley "Loose Lips" McChrystal vs. Barack "Tough Love" Obama: Round II

So Obama's got one more spill to deal with after McChrystal felt the need to share with a reporter from Rolling Stone? Just so we can compare how the clean up goes this time, here are the White House visuals of Obama and McChrystal going through the same dance...

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Culture Focus Photo June 21, 2010

Nina Berman: Big Jesus Remembered

“I think it’s a sign of the end of the world,” said Paul Wright, 21, of Oxford. “If lightning is going to strike God, then there’s no hope.” –from “Rebuilt Jesus statue will be fireproof, pastor says.” (Dayton Daily News) The end of the world? How about, a symbolic...

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The Gaza Windfall

Does the title refer to the harvest of food and goods about to be showered on Gaza with the partial easing of Israel's blockade? Well, not exactly.

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Hayward, Ho!

Why the tonally-mismatched photo of Republican Congressman Steve Scalis is grafted to this already infamous photo of BP's still-oil spill first responder, Tony Hayward, out on his yacht this weekend,

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Photo June 20, 2010

Gulf Update: Oil Paintings

It's fascinating to watch the themes come and go in the photo coverage of the oil blowout.

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Campaign '10 Photo

Mark Kirk: Man of Steal

The fact this is the most recent photo on the dissembling Mark Kirk's Facebook page is just hilarious.

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Photo June 19, 2010

The American Way of Death

There are only a few details I might want to change.

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Photo June 18, 2010

Double-Takes of the Week (For Better or Worse)

Here's The BAG's collection of images this week that were either in questionable taste, earned a hat tip for creativity or just deserve attention as a break from the angst.

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