June 18, 2010

Double-Takes of the Week (For Better or Worse)

Here’s The BAG’s collection of images this week that were either in questionable taste, earne a hat tip for creativity or just deserve attention as a break from the angst.

The winner is this shot of Charlie Christ demonstrating to the media how the Miami Beach shoreline remains oil free — and then some.

Mark Wilson/Getty Images

First honorable mention goes to is this shot of General Petraeus testifying on Wednesday about Afghanistan and Iraq. He practically passed out for his country during his testimony the day before, and he’s in charge of two wars nobody really cares about. Give this man a cookie!

And, second honorable mention goes to Outside Magazine which took it on their accord (see Gawker post) to photoshop their own message on Lance Armstrong’s blank t-shirt without his knowledge or approval.  Classy!

As always, you thoughts and analysis are welcome.

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